BUNDGAARD Refrigeration – natural cooling

BUNDGAARD ​​Refrigeration has developed and designed propane chillers and heat pumps for more than 15 years and has supplied and installed more than 250 propane-based chillers and heat pumps.

Propane is a natural refrigerant with only a minimal impact on global warming and the ozone layer. It is a futureproof refrigerant unlike synthetic refrigerants, which will gradually be phased out.

When the refrigerant R22 was phased out, Bundgaard Refrigeration was one of the first companies in Denmark to standardize and produce propane-based cooling and heating solutions for the European market.

BUNDGAARD ​​Refrigeration has always worked closely with leading manufacturers to design and test cooling and heating solutions based on propane. This collaboration has led to high-quality systems developed with recognized suppliers like Frascold, Bitzer and Danfoss.

Today, Bundgaard Refrigeration is the leading Danish developer and supplier of propane-based chillers and heat pumps, which are energy-efficient with low operating costs. All solutions use standard components that ensure competitive economy and easy accessibility to spare parts.

Since 2015, Bundgaard Refrigeration has been owned by Kølegruppen, a leading Danish supplier of cooling and heating solutions for industrial applications.