Pioneers in R290 Propane

BUNDGAARD has been manufacturing Propane Chillers and Heatpumps for over 15 years and was during the R22 fase out one of the first companies in Denmark to standardize and mass produce propane systems for all Europe.

During all these years BUNDGAARD has been working close together with leading manufactures in developing and testing products produced for Propane. This collaboration has lead to high quality systems with known products like Frascold, Bitzer and Danfoss, securing reliability, low operations costs and  accessibility to spare parts.

Why R290 Propane

BUNDGAARD believes in sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. The EU has for years been working on regulations for HFC gasses and now with the new F-Gas regulation set a date for the fase-out. BUNDGAARD has proven throughout the past 15 years that Propane is the preferred choice when fasing out HFC systems or changing to a green and more responsible profile.

Propane has very good thermodynamic characteristics as a refrigerant gas, the system is simple and inexpensive compared to other natural refrigerant systems.